Are You Living on Purpose and with Passion?

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Create Synergy and Inspire Greatness

You are unique. Your experiences, personality, and passions create your unique dream to follow. I support leaders and organizations to live more authentically, with purpose and passion.

Executive Leadership Coaching

Leadership and Executive Coaching

Find your blind spots, recognize new possibilities, and learn how to lead different types of people. When you thrive, you bring out their best in those around you and capitalize on your team’s strengths.

Team Building Coach

Group Coaching & Team Building

Create a fun, energetic, purposeful work environment where people are excited to come in each day, are more productive, are more efficient, and know that their work makes a difference.

Inspirational Public Speaking

I motivate and inspire people in companies, organizations, and faith groups through fun and engaging presentations full of humor, passion, relatable personal stories, and deep aha moments.

Confidence Coach in Seattle-Tacoma

Become empowered to make an impact in the world

Once you have confidence in who you are, you can conquer anything you set your mind to. I help high performers and leaders create synergy and “joie de vivre” through transitions in business and life.

  • Make decisions with confidence
  • Navigate transitions in life with ease
  • Excel in your business
  • Motivate and inspire your team
  • Be a great leader
  • Find your passion
  • Focus on what matters to you
  • Live authentically

“I attended Cami’s goals retreat and left feeling invigorated and focused. If you need help clarifying your priorities, this is the conference for you. Cami did a wonderful job of making the digging-down painless and even fun. I feel much more deliberate in my daily life choices and less at the mercy of my feelings in the moment (which are often based on fear). She also has useful life hacks to help keep you from slipping. Would recommend.”

Kristina B.

“Cami is an amazing listener and provides helpful insights. Her kindness radiates and God’s love flows freely through her. She is great at remembering what you’ve told her during past visits and she takes time to really process the things you’ve said. Cami is a gem and a wonderful resource to have available one-on-one.”

Stephanie I.

“Cami is amazing to work with! I was in the middle of changing careers and trying to figure out what direction I wanted to go into and she helped point me in the right direction! She had great ideas, great support, and she’s pretty amazing! I highly recommend innovate coaching if you’re in need of a little extra support for a new career, current career, or anything in life.”

Diane G.

Live Confidently and on Purpose

Discover your unique and authentic identity. With this you’ll gain the security and assurance to live out your true purpose—and be empowered to change the world.

Let’s talk about how coaching can change YOUR life!