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Life coaching for businesses, corporations, and groups

Team Building Coach

Personal and professional growth for your whole team

I was inspired to provide team-building and personal development coaching for businesses and corporations by my favorite job. I absolutely loved it because the management cared about and invested in our personal growth. The return for their investment in their employees was paid back in multiple ways: an incredible, synergistic work environment, loyal and productive employees, a positive experience for their clients, and an increase in referrals. That time and money spent created a win-win-win situation!

Team building events and workplace coaching can:

  • Uncover and unleash creativity
  • Identify solutions to problems
  • Increase communication and efficiency
  • Uncover hidden talents and or frustrations to resolve
  • Create a more positive work environment

Masterminds and Weekly Groups

Have an idea for a peer support group? I facilitate weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly groups for leaders, executives, business owners, and more. There’s room for more in my Marketing Mastermind Group for small business owners. Let me know if you’d like to join or what I can create for you!

Custom Life Coaching for Businesses and Corporations

Passionate about personal growth, I create win-win situations that light up the world with energy, fun, and depth. Invest in personal development and receive the benefit of an amazing work environment with energetic, empowered employees and clients that turn into superfans.

Put your own oxygen mask on first: Become your best you

This custom program offers a better understanding of yourself and others. We incorporate personality typing, strengths, values, and/or love languages to build better communication and a harmonious work environment.

Communication Skills

Need better communication in your organization or group? Who couldn’t use a refresher on communication? Themes of this group activity include:

  • Perspective: Understanding our filters and recognizing others’
  • The unspoken modes of communication
  • Change your questions, change your life

Time management

Inspire and teach employees to get the job done right, in good time, and with a great attitude. Improve results and increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Team-building: Fun with a purpose

“They” say that a team that plays together stays together. Why? Because the FUN and challenges of a game help people to recognize and respect different strengths in team members. Games fulfill the following purposes:

  • Working toward a shared short-term goal as a team
  • Getting to know each other and their strengths quickly
  • Seeing who has natural leadership skills
  • Listening to the brief, planning and problem-solving together while working in their strengths
  • Having fun together

Mission, Goals, Tasks and Habits

It all starts with identity. Identity creates your mindset, helps you understand your unique purpose, and establishes your why. Knowing your identity will help you make great decisions about setting goals and create habits to accomplish them. This workshop will help you:

  • Set and accomplish the right goals for you
  • Learn how to stay committed through completion
  • Identify ways you may sabotage yourself
  • Speak out your identity and your WHY
  • Make GREAT decisions

Golden Rule of Customer Service

Empowered employees reflect your company values and  take exceptional care of customers. Receive more:

  • 5 star or more reviews
  • Customer loyalty
  • Gratitude
  • Generosity
  • Communication

Is it time your team reached its full potential?

Let’s talk about what coaching looks like for your organization.