Small Business Owners & Managers,

Get help with your marketing!

Innovate Coaching Group invites small business owners and managers and marketing professionals to join a mastermind where we will present and speak into all things marketing! All members of this community will have the opportunity to have their marketing plans and projects reviewed and questions answered.

A Community of marketing experts, coaches and other business owners
Effective personalized feedback
Your own problem-solving team

Learn from a community of marketing experts and business managers/owners how to:

Find more clients
Have more clients find you
Make more $
Be accountable

Topics we’ll cover:

Social Media
Creating and implementing a marketing plan
How and when to hire marketing professionals
Branding, rebranding
Who are YOUR clients?

How it Works

  • One-hour Meetings 2X per month on Zoom
  • A Facebook Group for in-between meetings, shares of visual projects, feedback and encouragement
  • Initial Fee: $99
  • Monthly Fee: $149 (introductory price)
  • Save $447 if you pay annually! (That’s 3 months free!)

About Innovate

Cami Brecto is a business and life coach with a passion for helping people navigate life’s transitions, find their why, and live their best lives. Cami has a degree in business and is an experienced marketing professional.