Hi, I’m Cami

I empower and mobilize people to live their best lives

Through my own painful experiences and years of personal growth, I’ve learned to move forward when I’ve felt ineffective or trapped by my circumstances. I want to share my tools with you so that you can make great decisions, conquer your fears and love your life!

“It is my purpose, my challenge and my joy to love God and love people. I empower and mobilize people to live their best lives.”

~ Cami Brecto

As a lifelong learner, I constantly get better at this thing called life

Finding peace with change and growth through uncomfortable circumstances

I used to think my story was boring. In spite of my efforts to make great choices and live a great life, I had the “rug pulled out from under me”… a few times. I had to evaluate my disrupted plans, pivot and learn to dream again. Through it all, I made the very real choice to live as honestly and lovingly as possible with integrity and with no regrets.

I’m passionate about reaching healthy goals in all areas of life. We achieve balance in some seasons but most of the time we are shifting and growing. I’ll support you to make the most of opportunities and grow through disappointments.

I’ve led local non-profits, mentored teenagers and volunteers, helped small-business owners, and grown international non-profits. I want to learn your unique personality, gifts, and strengths so that I can encourage your awesomeness!